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A Real-time Workflow & Communications Management System

A Paradigm Shift in Operational Management

  • CRM
  • Diary, Calendar & Time Management
  • Personal Support Desk
  • Workflow Management
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Address Book
  • Document Management & Paperless Environment
  • Complete Mobile Office Solution

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  • ADSL access provides you with always available flat rated internet access.

  • Super-fast access
  • Talk and surf at the same time
  • 24/7 Connection

    Various account sizes available as well as relaxed ADSL

  • A Comprehensive Management System for Nursery Schools

    Customised Software Program for Nursery Schools

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Contact Management

    All of this and more in one package.

  • A comprehensive backup solution for Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Lost all the information on your hard drive?
  • Lost all the information you stored on the server?
  • Have you had tape failures?

    We have the solution you need!