WrapFormat is an ASP component that provides the more powerful Format functions of Visual Basic instead of the seriously limited VBScript Format functions (FormatdateTime, FormatCurrency etc). Anyone familiar with Visual Basic's format$ function, will apprecaite having this functionality in ASP. The component is complete freeware and can be downloaded from here (1,471,555 bytes). If you have Visual Basic 5.0 with Service Pack 3 installed, you can download the DLL itself from here (10,240 bytes). In such a case save the file to your windows system directory and register it by running regsvr32 c:\windows\system\wrapformat.dll. If your are not familiar regsvr32, then rather download the full install.

WrapFormat is very simple to use. It provides a single method as follows :

DoFormat(varData,[strFormatString])Formats the variant according to the optionally passed Format String

The key lies in the strFormatString data, which can contain detail on how to format the varData variable for dates, numbers, and strings.

Sample ASP Code for using the component is as follows :

Revision History

  • June 1, 1999 : Initial Release V1.00.0002
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