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Premium Anti Spam Service

ISD offers a premium anti-spam service for mail users. This takes the form of pre-processing mail
for junk mail before passing it on to our client’s mail infrastructure. It operates by having mail for
your domain/s sent to our enterprise mail-filtering cluster first. This cluster performs a large
number of anti-spam tests on the mail and passes “cleaned” mail on to the final destination.

The cleaning process introduces only a minimal delay on the normal mail transport (typically no
more than 1 to 2 minutes between 7am and 6pm on weekdays, and often less), while reducing
the spam count significantly.

Because our anti-spam cluster is properly staffed by a dedicated team, our advanced mail feed is
highly effective. In fact, our feedback shows that it is one of the most effective services available
on the Internet today.

It is also a premium service and this is reflected in the pricing. The service is priced at 5.7c per email that is processed by stage 2 of the cluster, with a minimum of R456 per month billed in advance. For most of our clients, the absolute majority of junkmail does not make it to stage 2 and is hence not billed for. Nevertheless, the service should not be underestimated and can easily amount to around R1,000/month for a company with around 50 employees.

Please note that this service is provided in compliance with the Prohibition of Interception and
Monitoring Act No 70 of 2002, section 6(2)(i)(cc), which provides for a small sample of mail being
subjected to quality controls.

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