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Does Electronic Mail play an important role in your company?

We have the solution to archive all your electronic mail together with a solution to find and view the archived mail remotely.

Our solution entails the following:

  • Capture and duplicate all mail. This will include both sent and received mail as long as your incoming and outgoing mail are handled by our servers.

  • On a daily basis, compress this duplicate mail and transport it onto a dedicated archive server. This typically occurs at midnight every day.

  • On the archive server, extract the compressed daily mail and insert it into a database.

    This database can be queried via a web interface and can be used to search, view or re-mail any of the mails contained in the archive. The search criteria include searching by date, sender, recipient, subject and size.

    Contact us today for more detailed information.

    The monitoring software is a combination of Open Source software and propriety ISD coding