The Bloemfontein Rose Festival - Come and smell the roses!

Miss Rose Bud - Anna-Lotte Retief, 1st Princess - Bernell Simons, 2nd prinsess - Lena - Marie Botha.

The Bloemfontein Rose Festival had its inception in 1976 when a couple of council members decided that a unique and uniform festival for Bloemfontein would not only be applicable but necessary.

Initially the Rose Festival was limited to activities in the Sanlam Plaza. Everything in connection with roses formed part of the program, which spanned over a couple of days. It had drawn consistent interest from the public and consequently grew by leaps and bounds.

During the last couple of years the Rose Festival extended to meet the expectations of the public and were projects tackled to form part of the Rose Festival Program.

There is no doubt – The Rose Festival is one of the most exciting events on the yearly calendar of activities in Bloemfontein.

Bloemfontein is at least the City Of Roses.


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