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We would like to provide you with a quick update on the above.

First, the status of our telephone lines. There is some Good News: Our technical team have managed to implement our alternative solution, and we are deploying it right away.

There is unfortunately a caveat : you will need to phone us on a new number, 011 886 0355, while we wait for our old numbers to be ported. This is unfortunately a process that can take up to a month, but we look forward to that happening in the not too distant future. Speaking of future : a number of clients have enquired as to what we are doing about the upcoming 21 days' Coronavirus lockdown. We are pleased to announce that ISD remains open for business! Well, mostly. Like everyone else, our physical offices will be locked down. But our team is fully geared for remote working and will be offering online support as usual. We also do not foresee any problems with the systems that provide your services. So yes, your e-mail, website, ADSL, Fibre, LTE and other products that you have with us should all keep working*1 as if there were no lockdown at all. Which we hope will indeed be the case in 22 days from now. With warmest regards,

InterActive Systems Designs/ InterNext

(1) Dependent on infrastructure providers where applicable. We had to add some fine print

A Real-time Workflow & Communications Management System

A Paradigm Shift in Operational Management

  • CRM
  • Diary, Calendar & Time Management
  • Personal Support Desk
  • Workflow Management
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Address Book
  • Document Management & Paperless Environment
  • Complete Mobile Office Solution

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  • A Comprehensive Management System for Nursery Schools

    Customised Software Program for Nursery Schools

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Contact Management

    All of this and more in one package.