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African Street Tough Systems
No-Holds Barred martial arts, Vale Tudo & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the real thing....
Last Checked : 11/6/2001 5:18:35 PM

AFSA (Aikido Federation of South Africa) home page
AFSA is the recognized authority for teaching of Aikido, by the International Aikikai Foundation.
Last Checked : 1/25/1999 6:47:28 AM

electronic Martial Spirit of Southern Africa
This site is dedicated to the needs and interests of martial artists in Southern Africa.
Last Checked : 4/10/1999 11:12:56 PM

Home and Vehicle Defence Course
Self protection and fire arm handling
Last Checked : 1/19/1997 4:10:00 PM

Iwama Ryu South Africa
Information about the Iwama Ryu (style) of Aikido in South Africa
Last Checked : 10/10/2001 6:59:46 AM

JKD High Performance Street Fighting
JKD HPSF focuses on the realistic approach to street self defence in all ranges of street combat. It is a unique blend of Reality Based Personal Protection and High Performance Mixed Martial Arts preparing you to survive the streets of today.
Last Checked : 8/25/2006 11:26:15 AM

Gauteng Kushido
Last Checked : 7/23/1996 12:57:20 PM

Martial Arts Research Institute of South Africa
The Marisa teaches, promotes & preserves both soft(internal) and hard(external) martial arts.
Last Checked : 6/2/1999 12:00:01 AM

Max Grunau 7th Dan - Shindokan Dojo
Shindokan Karate - Kickboxing - Judo in Cape Town, South Africa
Last Checked : 1/29/2003 4:33:57 PM

Men At Arms - Ancient Armoury
Battle ready medieval weapons
Last Checked : 4/23/1999 11:39:25 AM