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We offer you the solution you are looking for.

At ISD, we base our networking solutions on the open source Linux operating system.

This operating system offers a desirable blend of security, networking and reliability. It also provides the flexibility that allows us to offer our clients proper and secure remote support.

The Linux server primarily acts as a firewall and traffic monitoring server with easy-to use browsing control.

The server can further provide key services as
  • Load balancing over multiple connections,

  • Fail over scripting to another connection should your primary connection fail,

  • Quota control per MAC/IP address. This will allow you to control the bandwidth usage of all the users having access to Internet or e-mail,

  • Managing access to websites. An option is to blacklist certain websites eg.

    Bandwidth Measurement and Protocol Analysis (Traffic Monitoring)

    The Linux firewall server is supplied with a range of bandwidth measuring tools. The first of these is software that graphs the total traffic volume passing through your Internet connection(s).

    Whilst the traffic graph provides a useful view of the overall traffic passing through the Internet connection, it fails to indicate which user on your client’s network, if any, is responsible for the bulk of the Internet usage.

    To get an insight into this, we measure the total traffic of each computer on your network through a lightweight traffic classifier. This information is stored to a database and can be queried in real time through a web-interface.

    The monitoring software is a combination of Open Source software and propriety ISD coding.