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A comprehensive backup solution for Small and Medium Enterprises

BackUpPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain. A high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux and WinXX PC’s and laptops to a server disk.

BackUpPC can be used in a LAN, WAN or Internet Connections environments. If you have multiple branches located in various locations, all branches can be backed up from one central location via the Internet, provided they are connected via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

BackUpPC is installed on Linux Open Source software, which means that no extra licensing costs are required. We only charge for the installation and configuration of the solution. Linux has been proven in the industry for its stability and security, which is essential when dealing with backups.

Depending on your requirements a complete backup can be made (for instance) on a weekly or monthly basis. Incremental backups of files that have been changed since the last complete backup are also made daily. This allows for multiple versions of individual files to be stored on the backup computer, thereby allowing for easy file tracking and time specific roll back.

BackUpPC has “smart detection”. This means that, whenever a Server is detected, a backup will be done during the night to alleviate Network congestion during the day. If any machine has not been backed up within the prescribed period the backup computer will increase its search frequency for that machine on the network.

BackUpPC is installed on any entry-level machine with an additional removable hard drive bay. The removable hard drive contains the Off-Site backup of your company. When an Off-Site backup is required, the administrator simply inserts the removable hard drive and activates the backup computer. Once an Off-Site backup has been made, an e-mail will be sent to the administrator informing him/her that the Off-Site backup has been completed.

In the event that a computer not been backed up (for example) for 14 days an e-mail reminder will be sent to the specific user informing him/her that no backup has been made of the computer.

The e-mail reminder can also be set up to e-mail the Administrator who is notified in the event that there might be a configuration fault.

Features & Benefits

  • Cross Platform backup solution - Backup of Windows, Linux etc.

  • Tape-less backup - No tape failures can occur.

  • Automatic full and incremental backups - No human intervention is required. Backups can never be missed. Staff can focus on business rather than worry about backups.

  • Off-site backups - Protect valuable information. This is fast and safe, eliminating the risk of losing data by fire, theft, accidental damage or malicious intent.

  • Runs on an entry lever Pentium 4 - No need for expensive hardware.

  • LAN, WAN or Internet backup - All computers on a network (Local or Wide area) can be backed up, even remote nodes that are connected via the Internet (using a VPN connection).

  • Server / Desktop detection - Servers will be backed up during the night and desktops during the day to minimize traffic usage.

  • Administration Web Site - Access to the configuration and retrieval interface is web based which means easy portability and accessibility.

  • Uses simple file copy - Standard copy procedures are used to backup the relevant files.

  • E-mail notifications - E-mail notifications get sent to the user if his/her computer has not been backed up. After an off-site backup has been completed the administrator gets sent an e-mail to indicate that the process has been completed.

  • Automated compression - All data is compressed automatically during backup which minimizes backup storage requirements.