Welcome to Stefan's Garbage Den

Hi, this is my garbage den. It is the place where I store stuff that I need to distribute to others. Normally I just dump the file in the directory and mail the recipient the URL. However, on the rare occasion I also dump stuff here that is intended for public distribtion, and I have time to update this site. Here are some things:

ASP DNS ComponentA simple forward and reverse DNS lookup component, designed to be used from ASP
Alternative ASP DNS ComponentA simple forward and reverse DNS lookup component with timeout control, designed to be used from ASP
ASP DNS MX ComponentA simple MX resolving component, designed to be used from ASP
ASP ChartDLL ComponentAn ASP Charting Component. I found the underlying component on the Delphi 3 CD, but it seems to be shareware or something, so don't use it unless you are really interested. Nice webpage though - this must have been in the days when I had time.
Active BitmapSize ComponentA simple bitmap pixel and bytesize checker component, designed to be used from ASP
WrapFormat ComponentA component wrapping the functionality of standard Visual Basic's Format$ function so that it can be used from ASP. This is useful if you are sick of VBScript's inflexible format functions.
INX HTTP Post ComponentAn simple ASP/VB Component designed to perform HTTP Posting to a Webpage. Useful if you wish to post data to a webform under program control.
WebTWAIN ActiveX ControlA Control designed to support scanning directly from a Webpage
WebTWAIN-MultiPage ActiveX ControlA Control derived from WebTWAIN and designed to support multipage scanning directly from a Webpage to a multipage TIFF or PDF File
ISD SMS GatewayA Server that connects to one or more Nokia Mobile Phones and acts as a private SMS Gateway. Designed to interface Web Applications to GSM SMS.
Microsoft ASP.EXEYeah sure, we all have IIS4 or IIS5 by now, but this was the original ASP install to get it running for IIS3.
PictureA picture of two of my Dalmations !
NexusUse this link if you want to install Nexus onto your system. Nexus is an Internext Program Development Tool that effectively gives you Visual Basic for the Web. This allows you to build super-scalable Web Applications that have the functionality of Windows Applications with Internet connectivity, security, document handling, client and server processes and proper paper output (no more trying to make a decent looking invoice with HTML). Write to me if this tickles you and you would like to know more. Make sure you have at least IE4 and that your security settings are set to low
Honeydew CPFA page I did for the local copshop and resident associations. Although a normal visitor would not know this, this site contains a complete remote web-based management interface that allows authorized people to update different sections of the page. The can manipulate the menus by adding, editing and deleting information topics, discussion forums and opinion polls. The management interface support posting of HTML, Graphics and documents.
Blairgowrie RAThe same thing for the Blairgowrie RA.
ERMAThe same thing with a nicer look for the East Rand Metropolitan Assocation.
Kevin's Image ArchiveAn easy to use photo archive. You can't see the management interface, but Kevin can easily maintain this entire site directly through his webbrowser.
Gerhard se Prentjie ArgiefThe same thing but an earlier version, for another person that emigrated from South Africa
Linux WHOIS ServiceA Simple WHOIS lookup service.
ETDP-SETA Tender Communications SiteThis is a simple appliction that allows management of Tender communications. In any tender situation, one normally needs to be able to distribute documentation and information to tenderers on a contract. This site does that. It also for vendor registration, contract announcements and discussions surrounding a tender. This is a demo site and no longer live, so you can log in with the username seta and password seta to gain access to the superuser menu.
Sieve Grading AnalysisA Simple DHTML Page for a local University's Geography Department. In Afrikaans and requires IE5+ with VBScript.